Dear all,

I've just completed assembling a patch to the 2014.09 rdkit release that
fixes a number of bugs, including a significant memory leak in the chemical
reaction handling..

The release notes are below.

The release and binary files are on the github release page:
as well as the sourceforge downloads page:

I have uploaded 32-bit and 64-bit Windows binaries for Python 2.7 along
with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows binaries for Java.

Riccardo and I are working on updating the binaries available from the
RDKit channel on binstar:

Gianluca has produced binary RPMs for Fedora 20, 21 and RHEL/Centos 6, 7,
which are available from:

Many thanks to everyone who has helped get this release together!

Best Regards,

******  Release_2014.09.2 *******
(Changes relative to Release_2014.09.1)

Sereina Riniker, Nadine Schneider, Paolo Tosco

Bug Fixes:
- SMILES parser doing the wrong thing for odd dot-disconnected construct
 (github issue #378)
- O3A code generating incorrect results for multiconformer molecules
 (github issue #385)
- Suppliers probably not safe to read really large files
 (github issue #392)
- Torsion constraints not worrking properly for negative torsions
 (github issue #393)
- Core leak in reactions
 (github issue #396)
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