Dear all,

I created an issue to track some enhancements I want to make to the C++ 2D
drawing API:

I'm doing the changes themselves on this branch;

Here's the current state:
- [x] add drawPolygon()  Mandatory in canvas
- [ ] add drawCurve()  Optional in canvas
- [x] add drawEllipse()  Optional in canvas
- [ ] add drawRect()  Optional in canvas
- [x] add setLineWidth()
- [x] move draw commands to public interface
- [ ] support specification of a particular conformer for drawing
- [x] make fills optional for closed shapes

I haven't added support for the optional fills in the wx drawer. Igor: if
you have time to do this and, ideally, add a test to the test1.cpp file
that uses wx to create PNGs (so it's easier to verify future changes) I'd
really appreciate it.

I'd love feedback or suggestions for further enhancements.
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