I believe you need to install the version of the rdkit you just built in
your conda environment with conda install and make sure that environment is

It looks like it's finding a different build. You can confirm this by doing:
 python -c 'import rdkit;print(rdkit.__file__)'
and looking at the output.


On Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 12:09 AM, Soren Wacker <swac...@ucalgary.ca> wrote:

> I tried that. I was able to compile rdkit, apparently just by typing
> conda build boost
> conda build rdkit
> but, when I use that build I get
> from rdkit import rdBase
> > ImportError: libboost_python.so.1.54.0: cannot open shared object file:
> No such file or directory
> strange thing is, that anaconda build 1.57 version... 1.54 does not exist
> on my system.
> ./Programme/anaconda/envs/rdkit-env/lib/libboost_python.so
> ./Programme/anaconda/envs/rdkit-env/lib/libboost_python.so.1.57.0
> ./Programme/anaconda/envs/_test/lib/libboost_python.so
> ./Programme/anaconda/envs/_test/lib/libboost_python.so.1.57.0
> ./Programme/anaconda/pkgs/boost-1.57.0-0/lib/libboost_python.so
> ./Programme/anaconda/pkgs/boost-1.57.0-0/lib/libboost_python.so.1.57.0
> kind regards
> Soren
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