On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 1:40 PM, David Cosgrove
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> Hi Greg et al,
> You can increment by one the number of large organisations still not fully
> converted to RH6!  It's a real pain for me as a developer. I have been
> unable to build the latest few releases of Qt 5 on a RH6 machine with the
> system g++4.4, for example.

Weird, given qt5 is packages in EPEL:

maybe they have some not-yet-upstreamed patch.

> However, my experience developing code for a
> large organisation with hardware dispersed over a number of sites each with
> its own peculiarities of linux support is that it's essential that the final
> production version is built with the default system compiler for the target
> OS. Otherwise you get compatibility issues with missing libraries, wrong
> version of glib etc.

What you wrote above is basically the reason you are looking for below :)

> I don't know why RedHat is so behind with its compiler
> support,

However, Red Hat is quite proactive in either backporting bug fixes
(for instance, they fixed this way a compiler issue I found compiling
RDKit for RHEL5), or even backward compatible new features. I think we
could start to add new stuff and see if the g++ 4.4 shipped in RHEL6
is able to cope with it; if not, try to report bugs on RH Bugzilla and
see if the compiler team would be able to backport the missing
feature. I can assist with this process if needed.

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