Hi all,
my attempt to build and test python3 bindings in the rpm package is
one tiny test away from success...

Specifically, I see test 101 fails with:

101: ======================================================================
101: ERROR: testCairoImage (__main__.TestCase)
101: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
101: Traceback (most recent call last):
101:   File "UnitTestDraw.py", line 91, in testCairoImage
101:     img=Draw.MolToImage(self.mol,size=(300,300))
101:   File 
line 94, in MolToImage
101:     img,canvas=_createCanvas(size)
101:   File 
line 50, in _createCanvas
101:     canvas = Canvas(img)
101:   File 
line 86, in __init__
101:     image.size[0], image.size[1], stride)
101: NotImplementedError: Surface.create_for_data: Not Implemented yet.

Any idea how this could happen? If you need any additional info, just
let me know

Gianluca Sforna

http://plus.google.com/+gianlucasforna - http://twitter.com/giallu

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