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> I am Gayathree, a level 3 undergraduate from Faculty of Information
> Technology, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I am really interested in
> RDKit - 3Dmol.js Integration, a project in GSoC.
> I started to work on it and faced several problems when I was going to
> install Rdkit and ipywidget. I have followed
> docs/Install.html#windows to install rdkit and https://ipywidgets.readthe
> <> to
> install ipywidgets. But they were not successful.
> So it would be much appreciated, if you could tell me whether I have
> followed correct documents to install them. Also if it is not correct, it
> would be great if you could give me some guidance to setup those
> successfully.

I would strongly suggest using anaconda python (instead of the normal
python distribution):
After you have installed anaconda (by following those instructions) you can
install ipywidgets with: "conda install ipywidgets"

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