[apologies for the date of this... it's not an April Fools joke]
Dear all,

I have tagged a beta of the next RDKit release here:

The release notes are on the release page linked above. Note that the list
of people in the acknowledgement section was mostly created automatically
from github. If you feel like I missed you, or if I got your name wrong,
please let me know so that I can update the release notes before the actual

To make testing easier, I've done conda builds for 64bit linux (python 3.5
and python 2.7) and windows (just python v3.5 for the beta, there were some
problems with the python 2.7 build that will be fixed for the release).
Since this is still a beta, I've labelled them "testing", so you need to
install them like this:
conda install -c rdkit/label/testing rdkit

Unless major problems are found, I plan to do the actual release in 2-3
weeks. I'm going to be travelling for the next couple of weeks so the usual
beta period is a bit longer. Between now and then I hope to get another bug
or two fixed but this should otherwise be it for features..

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