Dear all,

This year's RDKit User Group Meeting will take place from 19-21 September
in Cambridge, UK and is being hosted by Andreas Bender at Cambridge

Registration for the RDKit UGM is free:

We will once again mostly stick to what has become a tried and true format:
Days 1 and 2: Talks, lightning talks, roundtable(s), discussion, poster
sessions, and talktorials. For those who haven’t attended before,
talktorials are somewhere between a talk and a tutorial, they cover
something interesting done with the RDKit and include the code used to do
the work. During the presentation you'll give an overview of what you did
and also show the pieces of the code that are central to the work. The idea
is to mix the science up with the tutorial aspects.

Day 3 will be a hackathon: those who choose to stay will spend an intense
day working in small groups to produce useful artifacts: new bits of code,
KNIME nodes, KNIME workflows, tutorials, documentation, IPython notebooks,
etc. We will once again try to structure this a bit by collecting a bunch
of ideas for things to work on in advance. Two years ago we also did
extended tutorials on Day 3; if there are volunteers to do tutorials and
people interested in attending them, we'll repeat that this year as well.

As an experiment this year there will be an optional training day on
Tuesday the 18th. Andrew Dalke (Dalke Scientific) will offer a course on
Python and the RDKit and Daria Goldmann (KNIME) will offer a course on
KNIME and the RDKit. Space for both of these is limited, so we'll do
separate registrations for them (links will be included on the main UGM
registration page). Many thanks to Andrew for coming up with the idea to do

There will also be, of course, social activities. This year we have the
special opportunity to have the dinner on the 19th in the Old Library of
Pembroke College. I can't wait for that. :-)

A more detailed announcement with additional information about place,
hotels and logistics will follow soon.

We are looking for people who are willing to do presentations, talktorials
or posters on the first two days. If you're interested in contributing,
please send Greg and Andreas an email.

Lightning talks don't need to be arranged too far in advance; we will start
collecting the list of people interested in doing those shortly before the

Best Regards,
Greg and Andreas
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