Tks you greg
I find a paper in the web...

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Dear Cedric,

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> Hi
> Tks you for this links but this website present just 4 questions, and I 
> searched the list with the 166 questions.

unfortunately this information isn't exactly easy to come by. There's
a paper from MDL that describes a *reoptimization* of the keys:
1. Durant, J.L., Leland, B.A., Henry, D.R. & Nourse, J.G.
Reoptimization of MDL Keys for Use in Drug Discovery. Journal of
Chemical Information and Computer Sciences 42, 1273-1280 (2002).

and I have a distinct memory of another, more recent, MDL paper on
this topic, but I can't find it.

I'm not sure that the 166 "public" keys were ever really published in
the open literature. I think many people just derived their
definitions from the data that one could find in the help from

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