Dear All,

I trying to expose in python two vector of 3D descriptors but when I compile 
have got this error message

[ 96%] Built target rdMolHash

[ 96%] Building CXX object 

[ 98%] Built target ChemReactions

[ 99%] Built target testReaction

[ 99%] Built target testReactionFingerprints

[100%] Built target rdChemReactions

 error: no member named 'RDF' in namespace 'RDKit::Descriptors'

  res = RDKit::Descriptors::RDF(mol, confId);


 error: no member named 'MORSE' in namespace 'RDKit::Descriptors'

  res = RDKit::Descriptors::MORSE(mol, confId);


2 errors generated.

My code is there :

Do you know how to fix this please, I need to check the computation and improve 
the speed ?

Best regards,

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