Hi,? ? I spent a lot of time to explorer "How to get the property of name when 
using SmilesMolSupplier"
I had a smiles file like this:===c1ccccc1\t1\n...===where 1 means that it is 
So I wanted to read this smiles file via SMilesMolSupplier and I knew that the 
second column is the default name column.suppl = 
However, I could not get the property of 1 because I had no idea what the 
property_name was.In the document, it shows that :If the input file has a title 
line and more than two columns (smiles and id), the
additional columns will be used to set properties on each molecule.  The 
are accessible using the mol.GetProp(propName) method.But It was a "no title 
table", So I thought its property_name of "their names" should be "Name" or 
"name" as default. And I failed...After read the source code, I found that it 
should be 
 think the document should be improved so that others may know how to get the 
name of each compoundBTW, I tried to use suppl[0].GetPropNames() but only to 
get "<rdkit.rdBase._vectclass std::basic_string<char,struct 
std::char_traits<char>,class std::allocator<char> > at 0x7402e90>" that seemed 
tell nothing. I wondered that is there any way to make it readable in python?

Hongbin Yang 杨弘宾

Research: Toxicophore and Chemoinformatics
Pharmaceutical Science, School of Pharmacy

East China University of Science and Technology?

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