Dear all,
I'd like to try an experiment with the windows build of the new RDKit patch 
release (2016.09.4): instead of using the (ancient) recommended compiler for 
the conda build, I have done a build using the most recent version of visual 
studio (VS2015). It would make life significantly easier if we could use this 
as the standard solution for doing windows builds. I've tested on both Windows 
10 and Windows 7, but before I put it on the normal conda site, I'll like to be 
sure that it works for others too.
If you're a conda user and are willing to help out, please try creating a new 
conda environment with python 2.7 and installing the rdkit like this: "conda 
install -c greglandrum rdkit".  If conda has problems finding boost, you may 
need to: "conda install -c rdkit boost" first. 
If you do give it a try, please let me know, whether it works or not.
One thing to try if you do encounter problems, please try installing the VS2015 
redistributable DLLs from Microsoft: (these are 
normal DLLs, nothing odd).
Thanks, in advance, for any feedback!-greg

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