Hi, everyone,? ??I want to draw two molecules in a svg file with rdMolDraw2D. 
When I executed the following code, the jupyter cracked without any error or 
warning.```drawer = rdMolDraw2D.MolDraw2DSVG(400,400)


for mol in mols:

? if mol.HasSubstructMatch(smarts):

? ? rdDepictor.Compute2DCoords(mol)?? ? #if i == 1:? ? # ?continue
? ? drawer.DrawMolecule(mol,highlightAtoms=mol.GetSubstructMatch(smarts))

? ? i+=1

? ? if i > 1:

? ? ? break


svg = drawer.GetDrawingText().replace('svg:','')

It seems that we cannot directly draw two molecules with the same drawer? So 
how can I draw as I wanted?
By the way, I've no idea why it cracked. From the experiment of the commented 
code, I can conclude it was caused by the drawer. So is it possible to fix the 
bug, adding error or warning instead of "KernelRestarter: restarting kernel" in 

Hongbin Yang?

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