Dear all,

The "OpenChemistry" organization has once again been selected to be a
mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code:

I'm really happy to share that the RDKit will be part of the program this
year (many thanks to Geoff and Adam for the invite). This is a great chance
to get some students involved in RDKit coding by having Google pay them to
work with us on a project for the summer. Now we just need to find the
students; I'm hoping that the community can help here.

There are a list of project ideas here:
but it's perfectly ok for students to propose their own ideas.

Here's the description of the program:

If know of any students (or are one!) who are interested in working on one
of the listed projects list or who have other project ideas, please get in
touch with me

Feel free to forward this message and/or put interested students directly
in contact with me.

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