Dear Greg/RDKitters,

This may be user error, or misunderstanding of rSMARTS, so can anyone throw 
some light on the following behaviour?

First example works as expected - there are 2× Ph in m4, so we end up with 
2×2×2 copies of the expected product:

 #Replace 2× Ph-* with 2× 3-Fl-C6H4-*
for prod in prodsbi:
Draw.MolsToGridImage([prod[0] for prod in prodsbi],molsPerRow=4, 

Now consider the following - the only difference I can think of is that the 
[*:1] and [*:2] atoms map to adjacent, directly bonded atoms - I cant see why 
that should matter...

for prod in prodsbi:
Draw.MolsToGridImage([prod[0] for prod in prodsbi],molsPerRow=8, 

Just to be sure this is as I think it looks..

Any suggestions as to why this happens, and whether it is the expected 
behaviour? (And how to avoid it?!)

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