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Colin Bournez

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Hi Colin,

On Tue, Jun 13, 2017 at 3:54 PM, Colin Bournez < <>> wrote:

    I have a question concerning the hackaton, does it consist in
    defined groups in which you work all day on the same subject or
    will it be possible to switch groups and work in different subject?

The hackathon is self-organizing and informal. People form small groups or work alone on something they find interesting/useful. There shouldn't be any problem changing groups. Last year there were also a couple of tutorial sessions done on the hackathon day: one on writing KNIME nodes for the RDKit and one on doing Machine Learning with Python and the RDKit. Something like that could also happen again if we have volunteers to organize special-interest sessions.

    And, my second question : do we need to be very experimented with
    rdkit tools and coding or can we attend it without being an active

The UGM as a whole is, I think, useful for people who aren't experienced RDKit users.

The hackathon could also be. For example, if there was a particular project that was being worked on that you found interesting, you could help provide test cases, documentation, requirements, etc. Or you can just observe and learn.

Does that help?

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