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As many of you are no doubt aware, the Python community plans to
discontinue support for Python 2 in 2020. A growing number of projects in
the Scientific Python stack are making the same transition and have made
that explicit here:

I will be adding the RDKit to this list. The RDKit will switch to support
only Python 3 by 2020. At some point between now and then - likely during
the 2018.09 release cycle - we will create a maintenance branch for Python
2 that will continue to get bug fixes but will no longer have new Python
features added. This branch will be maintained, and we will keep doing
Python 2 builds, until 2020 when official Python 2 support ends.

Additionally, starting during the 2018.03 release cycle we will accept
contributions for new features that are not compatible with Python 2 as
long as those features are implemented in such a way that they don't break
existing Python 2 code (more on this later). This will allow members of the
RDKit community who have made the switch to Python 3 to start making use of
the new features of the language in their RDKit contributions.

If you have not made the switch yet to Python 3: please read the web page I
link to above and take a look at the list of projects that have committed
to transition. The switch from Python 2 to Python 3 isn't always easy, but
it's not getting any easier with time and you have a few years to complete
it. There are a lot of online resources available to help.

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