Hi RDKitters,

I am happy to announce an open source Excel add-in that gives easy access to the RDKit Python API. The add-in is BSD-licensed like RDKit.

Screenshot of the add-in running in Excel 2016 (note: molecule rendering requires additional 3rd party software):

The add-in is easily extendable via pure Python scripting. A new Excel function is added by adding a function to the CRDKitXL Python class and annotating the new function's input/output parameter types through structured comments. For example, adding an "rdkit_SmilesToMolBlock()" function that has a single "smiles" string input parameter:

   #RDKITXL: in:smiles:str, out:str
        def rdkit_SmilesToMolBlock(self, smiles):
            # Python function implementation follows here...

Many thanks to Esben Jannik Bjerrum who did the implementation of this first version.

-- Jan Holst Jensen
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