I want to create RDKit Mol object manually. I can create RWMol object with
appropriate (I guess) atoms and bonds. The required atoms and bond
information are taken from another Mol object. It is indeed a tedious
coding gymnastic you can say. Unfortunately, the end molecule lacks the 3D
geometry information (xyz).

However, my question is:

Is it possible to set custom coordinates (xyz) to any kinds of RDKit object
that represents a molecule class?

*** it would be great if you kindly manage time to provide me a complete
molecule building tutorial. I'm very very confused about the events that
happen behind the seen when we typically create molecules from SD file
through Python API.

*** I am travelling right now. So, I will be able to respond against your
queries/suggestions after 10/15 hours.

Many thanks for kindly looking into it.

Best regards,
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