Dear all,

A quick question - is python 2.6.6 still supported (this is the default
python on my current Centos distrib)?

I am trying to install THE RDKit 2017.03.3 on Centos 6.3 (for my sins) and
everything works fine (just needed to install boost-serialization as well
due to a weird linking error).  The problem is that the following tests

          6 - pyBV (Failed)
         35 - pyDepictor (Failed)
         49 - pyChemReactions (Failed)
         65 - pyPartialCharges (Failed)
         98 - pyGraphMolWrap (Failed)
        107 - pyRanker (Failed)
        111 - pythonTestDirML (Failed)
        112 - pythonTestDirDataStructs (Failed)
        113 - pythonTestDirDbase (Failed)
        116 - pythonTestDirChem (Failed)

On investigating further, this is due to the assertRaisesRegexp(...) and
assertIn(...) calls. which were added to the UnitTest class in 2.7 ... so
missing in mine.

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