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> InChI is an identifier and not a representation, you should not read
> InChIs... but we are beyond hope there so...

Wonderfully said - unfortunately one day they decided to make InChIs
"readable" ...

> The InChI string is correct and is the same if you roundtrip your
> preferred one with charge separated bonds and the 5 valent one.
> All toolkits will use the InChI library to read/write InChIs and it
> generates the representation with 5v nitrogens, cactus is either applying
> normalisation after reading or in this case (since it's the name resolved)
> doing a identifier lookup from an original SMILES used to generate this
> InChI:

No, my "good old" cactus service doesn't do a lookup in this case, it is
read from the string, which is of of course in opposition to what I just
said :-). We did quite a bit regarding normalization, first, the CACTVS
toolkit behind the service is quite good in this regard and I added a few
things for the web service, too.

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