On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 9:07 PM, Dimitri Maziuk <dmaz...@bmrb.wisc.edu>

> All great when it's one computer and that one's your own personal laptop.
> > # yum ls \*python27\*
> > ...
> > python27.x86_64                    2.7.13-2.ius.el6
>                           @salt-2015.8
> > [...]...
> Any guesses as to how many things will break in my infrastructure
> manglement setup (saltstack) if I enable Software Collections and some
> of those get updated from SCL and some: from Salt?

sorry, I'm not familiar with saltstack, so I am unable to comment much. as
far as I understood, the RH software collection packages are meant to be
installed in parallel to the system software without overwriting any RHEL
package (it's not just an extension repository, users need to enable the
SCL packages to make them available in the runtime environment, similarly
to how virtualenvs are activated or environment modules are added), I don't
know how the saltstack packages are designed to work, so the discussion
would quickly go further off-topic (but I seem to understand it provides
yet another alternative to the system python, or not?)
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