I am trying to implement a function that cleans up chiral centers by moving
the wedged/dashed stereo bond out of a ring and onto a function  group or
hydrogen if possible. I have been able to successfully identify the wedged
bonds and the adjacent bond to move the wedge/dash stereo bond to and move
the stereo bond off of the ring bond, but when I check the result, I notice
that I assigned the wrong wedge/dash form to one of the bonds, so I want to
check the chirality of the atoms after doing my changes and flip the ones
that are wrong.

However, I am noticing that the output of Chem.FindMolChiralCenters(mol)
does not change (as well as atom.GetProp('_CIPCode')), even if I change all
of the bonds to either dashed or wedged, or another combination that should
clearly change the original chirality of the stereocenters. I tried
calling rdmolops.AssignStereochemistry(mol), but the result of
FindMolChiralCenters and atom.GetProp('_CIPCode') still does not change.

Does SetBondDir actually affect the R/S chiral tags on the atoms? Is there
a good way to check if the changes in the bonds have changed the chirality
at a given chiral center?

P.S. If anyone could offer a good suggestion for how to determine if the
bond I am moving the dash/wedge to should be dashed or wedged that would
also be super helpful.


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