Dear RDKit Team,

Firstly, thank you for making such a great tool available to the community and 
for continuing to develop it.

I have taken the SMARTS patterns, documented here 
 for defining acidic and basic groups. (I appreciate the SMARTS will assign 
atom types.)

However, assuming a "basic" group means "protonated at typical pH = 7 - 7.4", I 
believe there is a mistake in the basic group SMARTS pattern.

This identifies the nitrogen atoms in the following compounds as basic: (1) 
aniline [c1ccccc1N]; (2) methyl thiazole [C[n+]1cscc1].

Methyl thiazole does not have an atom which can receive a proton, to the best 
of my knowledge.

Protonated aniline has a pKa of 4.6 in H2O 

Hence, whilst no claim is made to have comprehensively integrated all the 
information from Evan's Table, I suggest adapting the SMARTS as follows:

Does that sound reasonable?

Best regards,


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