Howdy RDKitters,

Been a while since I used this list, so forgive me if my question is silly.

I'm seeing some weird behaviour from drawing molecules. I've got some
wrapper classes that I'm using to write some de novo design code, which
involves fragmenting molecules, and I've obviously been fairly lax with my
namespacing. Essentially when I fragment my molecule the first bond that is
cut is highlighted when I draw the original molecule but the rest of the
cuts aren't (because I reassign variables). There's an example of what I
mean here <> (

I tried to ClearComputedProps on the molecule but it still highlights the
bond, does anyone know of a way to clear this from the molecule so that it
doesn't get drawn? I'm going to clear up my programming issues to stop this
particular artefact, but it would definitely be helpful to understand this
for the rest of my code.

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