Dear All,

I’m still focus on two topics:

3D descriptors generalisation (few codes already in Github pull request)

EEM atom charge prediction (few codes already in Github pull request)

+ work of Naef & Acree prediction:

Best regards,


De : Greg Landrum
Date : lundi, 15 janvier 2018 à 08:09
À : RDKit Discuss
Objet : [Rdkit-discuss] RDKit and Google Summer of Code 2018

Dear all,

We've been invited again to participate in the OpenChemistry application for 
Google Summer of Code.

In order to participate we need ideas for projects and mentors to go along with 

The current list of RDKit ideas is being maintained here:

(Note: at the point that I'm pressing "send", that's still a copy of last 
year's project ideas).

If you're willing to be a mentor (please ask me about the ~5 hours/week 
required here) or have ideas, please reply to this thread.


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