RDkit Discussion Group,

    I am trying to get RDkit to recognize reactants and products in RedOx 
reactions including

reactions which include explicit electrons using SMILES as patterns.  Does 
anyone have any 
suggestions or ideas for how to deal with an explicit electron?

    I have tried:

pattern = '[-1]'
match = mol_object.GetSubstructMatches(pattern)

but this does not work.

    I am hesitant to use [H-1], which is read in and is processed, but it 
technically refers to

hydride which is a legitimate molecule species and is obviously not an electron.

    I can think of (possibly) another hack involving a large atomic number 
(beyond typical organics),
but I am wondering if someone has a more intelligent solution, or perhaps there 
is some unusual 
or special SMILES notation that I am not aware of.

    Ideas or suggestions are welcome.  Thank you.

    Jim Metz

    Northwestern University

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