I purchased a Helios H4TC0001 crimper, as recommended by Kyocera and have to 
report it as junk. After wrecking several H4 crimps I went back to using the 
German-Made Multi-Contact tool used for MC4 connectors and it appears to do a 
fine job on the H4 crimps. Just difficult to have everything lined up, and to 
stay lined up.


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Hello Wrenches,

I wanted to ask you about Helios and MC4 crimpers.  I bought a set of 
theAmpenol H4 crimp teeth and loactor for my Reinstag crimper some time back, 
to handle the Amphenol H4 connectors They work well but require changing the 
locator for femal and male crimps and they are expensive.  I see this tool is 
out there.

CRIMP TOOL 2.5MM-6MM, HELIOS 4, PV-670508-000

It seems a less expensive solution and simpler than the Reinstag set.  Any 
experience with this?  What are your thoughts.

With Regards
Carl Adams, President
SunRock Solar, LLC
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