Battery Wrenches,

The problem with recombination style caps is they require using a low absorb 
voltage, about 2.35 to 2.4 Vpc. I am a big fan of aggressive charge voltage for 
many flooded battery types. Doing so produces more evolution of gasses. These 
and other caps can be overwhelmed by this. In addition, the caps should be 
removed for equalization charges. 

Water Miser caps are not recombination caps, they use condensing beads to trap 
moisture and drip back into the cell. We have sold many hundreds of Water Miser 
caps and some customers report up to 5 months between watering. 

Larry Crutcher
Starlight Solar Power Systems

On Oct 13, 2016, at 11:02 AM, jay <> wrote:

while we are on the subject of recombining caps has anyone used the following. 


peltz power
> On Oct 13, 2016, at 9:38 AM, 
> <> wrote:
> We supply them to all our clients in the Bahamas and they do help cut down
> on watering to various degrees. In hot climates with a lot of sun every
> little bit helps.
> Call Roy at RAE Storage Battery to see if he can get you some. (860)828-6007
> Daryl
>> Top o' the morning!
>> Has anyone used the Rolls Surrette recombiner caps for their series 4000
>> batteries? They come standard on the series 5000 batteries  Any ideas
>> where
>> to source them? None of our battery suppliers we get Rolls batteries from
>> seem to have them.
>> We have used water miser caps in the past, they seem to have only moderate
>> results....some customers seem to think they help with minimizing
>> electrolyte loss and some thinking they dont help at all.....Any thoughts?
>> Sunny Regards,
>> Kirpal Khalsa
>> Oregon LRT#25
>> NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional
>> Oregon Solarworks LLC
>> <>
>> 541-299-0402

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