Depending on your access, something as simple as a water level could work. 
Garden hoses with clear sections of tubing at each end would transfer the line 
a good distance.

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Hello Wrenches,
Wondering if any of you have ever done anything similar to installing on a
vertical wall using a horizontal shared rail racking system, array being
about 32.8m (110') wide and 26.3m (86') tall

The rails obviously have to be exactly perpendicular the entire length so
we are taking extra care that the first row (top row) is true and using
template spacers for each row down.  Only problem is that the top of the
building is a concrete parapet and anything but level.

Wondering if anyone has any good tips for getting that top row level/square
and  keeping the rest of the rails perfectly perpendicular? (keeping in
mind the length...32.8m (110')

Much Thanks,

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