Hi Jay,
What is the setting for sell amps?

For how long can it run loads in off grid?


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On 11/30/2016  7:03 PM Jay wrote:<br>Hi all
<br>I've got a buddy who has the following problem. <br> <br>Every parameter has been triple checked. <br>He has been in contact with highers up at tech support. <br>AC grid voltage is 122/123v
<br>Anybody have any suggestions or similar problems or answers. <br>
<br>Jay <br>
<br>> <br>> Post the question to the wrenches;
<br>> Having trouble trying to get a XW4548 to sell sell more than 2.2KW It can 
run 4KW in loads with the grid off direct from the array with the grid off but will only 
sell 2.2KW Anyone had a similar issue?
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