I am troubleshooting a SolarEdge system with 9kW 3-Ph inverters. The system
is working OK but production is a bit low. There may be other factors and I
am looking into those too but I want to sort out this one issue: I am not
too familiar with 3-phase and when I ask SolarEdge about best way to
connect to a 3-Ph delta, they advise to stay away from the stinger and
connect a 1-ph inverter to L1 & L2 only, and that has worked out fine.
However, This system has a 3-ph inverter and L1 to L2 is reading about 215
volts from the utility. L1 to L3 is the same and L2 to L3 is also about 215
volts. Perhaps this is a 3-Ph WYE with just a higher than typical voltage
coming from the utility t-former. My thought here is that maybe the 3-ph
inverters are only providing 2/3 power back to the utility, or if there's
some way to get to 240v L-L. The existing loads are serviced by both 2-pole
and 3-pole breakers but everything is pretty much 1-phase I believe. I'm
wondering if I should consider reconfiguring the system with 1-Ph inverters
tied in to only 2 of the utility legs. I asked SolarEdge weeks ago but
getting nothing from them. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Eric Stikes
SunHarvest Solar
+1 (530) 798 - 3738
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