FYI, a new language named "Ioke" is being developed; it expressly tries to 
include Lisp power without Lisp's hideous syntax.

Main page:
Interview of developer Ola Bini is here:

The Ola Bini interview is tellingly titled "The Ioke JVM Language:
The power of Lisp and Ruby with an intuitive syntax".

Ioke is a "strongly typed, extremely dynamic, prototype based object oriented 
language aims to give developers the same kind of power they get with Lisp and 
Ruby, combined with a nice, small, regular syntax."

Interestingly, Ola emphasizes that it's homoiconic & has built-in support for 
several kinds of macros.  Ola is another person that likes Lisp's 
_capabilities_ but not its _syntax_: "So, as a Lisp person, it feels slightly 
heretical to say this, but syntax actually matters. My goal with Ioke is to get 
the same kind of power I get with Lisp and Ruby, but combine it with nice, 
small, regular syntax."

--- David A. Wheeler 

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