Alan, would you really prefer SPLIT/SPLICE to just combining clauses with
the previous line when writing (

    . list-of x
    .   var in expr
    .   clauses \ ...


list-of (var in expr) clauses ...

David Wheeler (
> We've been doing a lot of experimentation, and pressing various notations
as "far as they will go" to maximize readability.  So you'll certainly see
us try some odd things on occasion.

I fear that 'pressing' might be distorting our sense of the relative
frequency of different constructs. SPLIT/SPLICE is for arc's if; there it
actually looks good as a separator. I would be less concerned about SPLIT
if it's going to be fairly uncommon in other situations.

Another example: I didn't even realize Common lisp permits
backslash-escaping in symbols. Eeurgh! But nobody uses it, so it doesn't
bother me and I don't have to bother with it.

Perhaps we should bring up examples as we would write them, and explicitly
state when a notation is being 'stretched'. This is an aesthetic project,
so I think it's reasonable to have aesthetic opinions, rather than to try
to accomodate hypothetical styles that we haven't encountered.
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