Alan Manuel Gloria:
> So, the problems with accepting this are:
> 1.  The new syntax is complicated to explain informally.
> 2.  It's easier to misuse.  You have to be a bit more careful of your
> indentation after the line that you use SUBLIST on.
> 3.  It's not clear that the benefits are worth it - there seems little gain.
> 4.  It removes a bunch of code from the parser and places it into the
> indentation preprocessor, whose code we cannot prove in ANTLR.

I'd add:

5. It appears (to dwheeler) to be more complicated to define and to implement.
6. This is "partial dedenting" approach is backwards-compatible with the 
current spec,
and thus could be added *later* if desired.

The more I look at this, the more complicated it gets.  I'd rather document it 
as a
potential future extension/direction, and not try to get this into 
sweet-expressions version 1.0.

--- David A. Wheeler

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