Hi all,

I'm just making my first experiences in actually using srfi-110.

At this point I find myself forced to make serious changes to the 
program logic. Beyond what's supported by simply configuring the source 

The worst thing I found that it will complain on the error port when 
reading badly formatted code and then continue to read.  I really, 
really need it to do what other Scheme readers usually do: error out.

The surrounding Scheme system ought to know what to do with errors. 
Those Scheme systems I know do all catch the error and print it out on 
the error port - by default.  This is usually done in the repl and 
allows applications to catch the error for app specific handling.

For instance: my application evaluates the code within a sandbox from a 
web server.  Message at the error port are in this context only for 
errors in the implementation and end up in the error log file.

What's even worse: simply complaining and the *continue to read* as if 
nothing had happened results in strange, stupid and wrong messages from 
the interpreter caught later.  Example: an error in (define x ..) ends 
up and "x unbound".  Quite irritating.

Should this become yet another config option for the code, or should we 
simply resort to the more "standard" behavior and error out via srfi-26 
compatible code?

Best Regards


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