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From: Yves Cloutier <>
Sent: September 15, 2014 4:57:21 PM EDT
Subject: Readable Lisp

Hello David,

I just came across your Readable Lisp page and wow, I'm sold!

I'm getting back into programming after almost 15 years of not doing it,
spurred by a personal project idea.

I started this project in Perl and then thought perhaps it could be done
better in another language - which eventually brought me to Lisp/Scheme.

Something really clicked with the Lisp/Scheme paradigm of doing things, but
the syntax is a bit unfamiliar from most other languages.  But the examples
of  Readable Lisp look quite familiar and I'm really interested in trying
it out.

Kudos for the initiative and work you are doing on this front.  I think
that if more people would know about this, it could be very important for



--- David A.Wheeler
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