Version 1.0.6 of the "readable" library has been released.
This is mainly minor improvements for the Common Lisp implementation:
        * Bug fix for a subtle rarely-encountered error in the
          Common Lisp implementation of the sweet-expression reader.
          Previously, the reader would not work correctly on
          an n-expression if it was not a symbol, indentation processing
          is active, and it begins with the punctuation symbols
          "$", "\", "<", "*", or ".".
          For example, (* 4 5) and {4 * 5} worked fine, but *(4 5) did not.
          This bug took a long time to detect, because it
          didn't affect infix or traditional s-expression
          notation, and this is normally how such expressions would be used.
          Also, the neoteric reader worked just fine.
        * In Common Lisp, maintain the readtable-case setting with
          enable-sweet (it already did so for other notations).
          That way you can both type and show lowercase symbolic input
          (by using the Common Lisp standard's "invert" setting).
        * Modify sweet-sbcl to use the readtable-case invert setting.
        * Added "math.slisp", a symbol math simplifier in Common Lisp
          that demonstrates the readable notations.

--- David A. Wheeler

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