luke wallace writes:

> If all lisp functions can be defined or redefined by the user,
> then in order to make using those lisp functions readable to an editor in
> the end, the functions would need to be designed with extra functions that
> serve as in-line comments to their arguments
> if
> this-is-true 5 + x = 10
> then save-file
> else close-file

This sounds a lot like autocomplete with keyword arguments, and it could
be implemented (conceptually¹) easily using docstrings.

¹: It would still need quite some effort to realize it in an editor.


(import (ice-9 optargs))
(define* (if #:key this-is-true then else)
  (cond (this-is-true

  #:this-is-true #t
  #:then 1
  #:else 3)

(display (procedure-documentation if))

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