Matt Wette <> writes:

> Do you have a syntax for vector literals?  If not, why can't you just write

I don’t, but while

(vector '(a b))
⇒ #((a b))

(define (f)
  (vector '(a b)) #f)
(procedure-properties f)
⇒ ((name . f))

(define (f)
  #((a b)) #f)
(procedure-properties f)
⇒ ((name . f) (a b))

So this is a purely Guile-specific issue: I want Guile to recognize the
vector as function-property. If it recognized (vector ...), I could use
the simple syntax

define : hello who
    . "Say hello to WHO"
          ' tests
            test-equal "Hello World!\n"
                       hello "World"
    format #f "Hello ~a!\n"
                   . who

(this would be my preferred approach, but I did not find any way to get
this working)

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