I am trying to make a Select box with multiple options. But I am having 
problems on retrieving all values. I get only one value returned instead of 
all the selected.
This is written for re-frame, but the concept should apply to reagent too.
So how do I retrieve multiple values at the on-change part?

(defn country-select [] (let [countries (rf/subscribe [:countries]) 
search-countries (rf/subscribe [:search-country])] [:div.form-group [:label 
"Land:"] [:select {:class "form-control" :multiple true :id "country-select" 
:value @(rf/subscribe [:search-country]) :on-change #(rf/dispatch [
:search-country-change (-> % .-target .-value)])} [:option ""] (doall (for [
country @countries] ^{:key (:country_id country)} [:option {:key (
:country_id country)} (:name country)]))]]))

Thanks in advance

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