I want to load reagent components at run-time.  
using boostrap cljs but i'm getting error messages about macros not being 

Has anyone tried this? Would the fix be to write macros in cljs instead of 

Calling back!
 {:read-file-fn! "<hidden function>",
  :init-fns "<hidden function>",
  :write-file-fn! "<hidden function>",
  :verbose true,
  :warning-as-error true,
    :provides ["cljsjs.create-react-class" "create-react-class"],
    :requires ["react"],
    :global-exports {nil nil}}],
  :load-fn! "<hidden function>",
  :target :default,
  :src-paths ["/js/generated/prod" "/js/generated/dev"]},
 {:source "(require '[demo.paint])",
  :ns cljs.user,
  :target :default,
  :form (require '[demo.paint]),
  :on-error-fn! "<hidden function>",
  :on-success-fn! "<hidden function>"},
  #error {:message "No such macros namespace: reagent.interop, could not 
locate reagent/interop.clj or reagent/interop.cljc", :data {:tag 

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