I don't remember the "Style Chapter", but here is how to list
all the available VID styles:

        print mold extract system/view/vid/vid-styles 2

And you can see a style's entire definition like this:

        print mold svv/vid-styles/button
        print mold svv/vid-styles/field
        ; etc..

Getting into your editor can be done like this:

        write clipboard:// mold svv/vid-styles/button

then paste into a new document in your editor.
(I use Crimson Editor on Windows, for which there is a rebol
syntax highlighter available.)

This gives you a chance to read exactly how the style
works, and an insight into how to modify it to do what
you want. I do the above steps very frequently when
creating new styles, as I want to see if there is a
built-in style which does close to what I want to
derive from.

Every style can be modified with "facets" (face attributes),
which can be mentioned after a style name in a LAYOUT spec.
These words can be seen here:

        print mold remove-each item copy svv/facet-words [function? :item]

So the above words can be applied to all the styles, but
some styles also have a few style-specific dialect words.
Here are the styles with specific dialect words:

        foreach [style face] svv/vid-styles [if face/words [print [style
remove-each item copy face/words [function? :item]]]]

To see if the dialect expects any arguments, we do the same except we don't
remove the functions:

        foreach [style face] svv/vid-styles [if face/words [print [style mold

Hope that helps, if you have any more specific questions at all
about how to do something, this is the place to ask.



> I am new to REBOL and trying to read "REBOL/View Developer's Guide". In
> Section "5.1. Predefined Styles", it says, "The predefined styles are
> listed below. For more information about each of these styles,
> refer to the
> Styles chapter (a separate document). "
> What i want to know is where i could find the document.
> thanks for any advice

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