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analy sis released today

Media Release

A Just and Sustainable Australia:
major new analysis released today
A grouping of peak national community organisations - the "Australian
Collaboration" -will today release a major new Report on the main social,
cultural and environmental problems affecting Australia.
The Report is titled " A Socially Just and Sustainable Australia", and is
principally authored by David Yencken, Emeritus Professor. The Report draws
on the research, experience and concerns of the Australian Collaboration
partners and is the product of over twelve months work by the group.
"This new analysis of recent social, cultural and environmental trends
affecting Australia sheds light on the disquiet in the Australian community
over the state of our nation and its outlook."
"It shows that for many Australians, the kind of growth they have
experienced has been one or more of the forms of 'damaging growth'
identified by a recent UN Human Development report, including:
*    Growth that does not translate into jobs.
*    Growth that is not matched by the spread of democracy.
*    Growth that damages cultural identity.
*    Growth that despoils the environment.
*    Growth where most of the benefits are claimed by the rich.
*    "The Report argues that tackling these negative aspects of growth
demands many new approaches. Overall, the Report provides a blueprint for a
fairer and more sustainable society. It contains a set of detailed
recommendations to ensure that there is a better foundation for all
Australians to enjoy continued economic growth and well-being through:
*    A fairer distribution of the economic benefits of growth;
*    Serious attempts to tackle environmental problems;
*    The strengthening of our democratic institutions and protection of
our fundamental freedoms.
"The Australian Collaboration is seeking the support of all major political
parties in advancing the recommendations of the Report and in building a
just and sustainable Australia."
Media Contacts
Don Henry     Australian Conservation Foundation     0418 501 395
Geoff Clark    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission
contact Elke Purnell 0409 692 290
Louise Sylvan     Australian Consumers Association     02 9577 3399
Salvatore Scevola    Fed. of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Aust.    0416
354 410    
Graham Tupper     Australian Council for Overseas Aid     02 6285 1816
David Gill     National Council of Churches in Australia     02 9299 2215

Michael Raper     Australian Council of Social Service     contact Ian
0419 626 155    
David Yencken     Australian Collaboration, Convenor    03 9696 7223 or 0407
521 411     

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