Welcome Andy,

Great that you show interest in developing Open Office.

Sadly the access to development is not that easy, or quick. You will need some endurance to get involved. As a first step I recommend to get familiar with the build system of OpenOffice.  Our build system is a bit complex and does need some love and hugs ;) We have 2 guides. [1] is a general guide, while [2] describes step by step which help to get familiar with it. If you run into compiler Issues, search for the compiler Error to recieve help. At the end there is a message which is not helpfull to resolve the build issue. Trunk is currently recieving changes to support Windows 64 builds. So there may breaks depending on the OS yu plan to use. You could try to build the last live version 4.1.5 which resides in an own SVN branch.

I also recomment to subscribe to our development mailing list.

Which OS do you plan to develop for?

Do not hesitate to ask any Questions or for help if you need some. We are traditionally very freedom oriented. So you are in lead to define how you participate.
And communication is key to success :)

All the best



On 11.03.2018 22:25, Phuc Vu wrote:
Hi, my name is Andy Vu and I was hoping I could help get involved with
the development of OpenOffice. The reason I am interested in
contributing to this project is because I mainly use OpenOffice
myself. OpenOffice is no doubt a good application to use but sometimes
I feel like it doesn't allow me to do something that I wanted it to
do. I hope to contribute to the programming side of the project
because that is where my area of expertise lies.

Andy Vu

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