Below is my document shepherd feedback on the latest draft:

  1.  I would change “IESG.” To “IESG” in section 8.1 “XML Namespace”.
  2.  I would change “<>.” to 
“<>” in section 8.2 “EPP Extension Registry”.
  3.  I would change “any” to “Any”, “none” to “None”, “active” to “Active”, 
and “none” to “None” to match the possible “TLDs”, “IPR Disclosure”, “Status”, 
and “Notes” fields outlined in RFC 7451.
  4.  I recommend changing “domain names” to “objects” at the end of section 
3.9, changing “domain name” to “object” in section 4, and “domain object” to 
“object” in section 4 to ensure the extension is object agnostic.
  5.  It may be too late at this point, but I noticed that the <fee:period> 
element uses an element type from the domain schema of RFC 5731, based on the 
“This element is derived from the <domain:period> element described in 
[RFC5731]” sentence of section 3.3 “Validity Periods”.  I believe it would have 
been best to remove the domain schema dependency all together and I would have 
copied the domain schema “periodType”, “pLimitType”, and “pUnitType” types 
directly into the fee schema.  This way the domain schema dependency is removed 
and does not need to be imported into the fee extension.  There is no 
functional difference in the schema, but it makes the fee extension object 
agnostic.  If this was done then the “This element is derived from the 
<domain:period> element described in [RFC5731]” sentence of section 3.3 
“Validity Periods” can be removed.

Items 1 – 4 are purely editorial and item 5 is something that can be considered 
if it’s not too late.





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Good Afternoon,

This latest draft contains minor changes to the document that came about due to 
WGLC comments.



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A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts directories.
This draft is a work item of the Registration Protocols Extensions WG of the 

        Title           : Registry Fee Extension for the Extensible 
Provisioning Protocol (EPP)
        Authors         : Roger Carney
                          Gavin Brown
                          Jothan Frakes
        Filename        : draft-ietf-regext-epp-fees-10.txt
        Pages           : 37
        Date            : 2018-03-05

   This document describes an Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)
   extension mapping for registry fees.

The IETF datatracker status page for this draft is:
Registry Fee Extension for the Extensible Provisioning 
Registry Fee Extension for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) 
(Internet-Draft, 2017)

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