Did anyone consider RFC 6321 (xcal)? It has features like recurrences too. A 
maintenance event is basically just a calendar event + some data about the 

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    On Mon, Jun 11, 2018, at 15:48, Gould, James wrote:
    >     More specifically now, about "2.3.  Schedule" I am *strongly* 
    > against using the format proposed for at least 2 reasons:
    >     - crontab format is not a standard, and is ambiguous for various 
    > points
    >     - it encodes a format as a string which is itself in a formatted 
    > structure since it is XML. "Hijacking" some free form space when you are 
    > in formatted structure seems wrong to me and shows that the structure is 
    > not correctly formatted because if it were you would not have to inject 
    > a new format in a free text.
    >     Why not use ISO8601 Repeated Time Interval format? We are then still 
    > gulty of the previous point but at least it is a standard.
    >     Otherwise please amend the XML structure to break the content 
    > currently in the crontab format.
    Another way of encoding that, without judging myself if it is 
good/bad/better or worse than others but just to open horizons and see what is 
out there since I just stumbled upon it for unrelated reasons, is the systemd 
way, as described on 
    With this example:
    Thu,Fri 2012-*-1,5 11:12:13
    The above refers to 11:12:13 of the first or fifth day of any month of the 
year 2012, but only if that day is a Thursday or Friday.
      Patrick Mevzek
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