Paul Herman wrote:
> OK, here's the text:

Thanks for sharing, Paul.  I read the review, or maybe excerpts from
same, many years ago.  I think this has to be counted as a pioneering
bit of Howard criticism, wrong-headed as it was.  At least it pays
Howard the compliment of taking his work seriously, instead of
dismissing it as insignificant escapism.

Damon Knight was equally snide (and equally prone to dime-store
psychoanalysis of REH) in a review of COMING OF CONAN that was reprinted

How about this?  With selective editing, we can fashion  a positive
blurb from Mr. Hays' vituperation: "... On a ... higher level ...than
... some best sellers" -- NY TIMES REVIEW OF BOOKS

"Living in the never-never land of Conan and King Kull, he slaughtered
enemies by the dozen.  He was fearless, inscrutable, desired by
> all women.  Single-handed he toppled rulers from their thrones and built empires of 
>oriental splendor.  Even the menace of the supernatural was vanquished by magic that 
>he alone was able to control." -- Cool!  Sounds like an ad for a new video game.

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