Dear all,

I am getting an error in final step of NOE which is the "execution" step.
the error reads as follows:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "gui/analyses/", line 87, in run
  File "gui/analyses/", line 378, in run_analysis
    NOE_calc(,,,, save_state=False)
  File "auto_analyses/", line 90, in __init__
  File "auto_analyses/", line 105, in run
  File "prompt/", line 225, in __call__
    self._backend(*new_args, **uf_kargs)
  File "pipe_control/", line 102, in calc
    api = return_api()
  File "specific_analyses/", line 133, in return_api
    from specific_analyses.noe.api import Noe
ImportError: No module named api

I have loaded my ref and sat files and when i  try to execute i am getting
this error every time.
basic informations:
I have used all files from test suite itself.
and the loaded spins are from a structure file 172 spin system
every step same as mentioned in program  or manual gui.

if anyone can help me please reply .
waiting for your reply.

Rakesh Sharma
IISER Mohali
relax (

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