On 30 August 2016 at 17:08, Mahdi, Sam <sam.mahdi....@my.csun.edu> wrote:
> Hi Edward,
> Thanks for the quick reply. In the "Further Details" section that shows the
> email archive. When Dr. Thompson is setting up the code to run relax in a
> multi-processor mode he uses the commands "lamboot" and "lamhalt". From what
> I could find, these are commands from the lam/mpi program and not open mpi.
> I know in the manual in "usage of the multi-processor" page, it shows the
> open mpi command "mpirun", but that is the only indication I've seen of
> using open mpi to start relax in multi-processor mode.

I think the old mpi4py can handle these older MPI implementations as
well.  Anyway, you only need that "mpirun" command.



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